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Incredible Tiny Homes represents a dream to provide an affordable and comfortable housing for everyone. In 2014 Randy Jones started Incredible Tiny Homes in Morristown, Tennessee with a passion to pursue a professional standard of craftsmanship. Incredible Tiny Homes builds your home indoors at our not so incredibly tiny factory to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship from beginning to end as you work with us to customize and build you tiny
RVAH Certification Details for Incredible Tiny Homes

Recreational Vehicle & Alternative Housing, L.L.C

Code Review & Inspection
Process Overview:

Total dead load weight of the structure is calculated and given to trailer manufacture.
Live loads (wind, snow, earthquake, etc.) considered are calculated as to the Region of the unit’s worst case scenario.
Each stage of construction is videotaped and reviewed to ensure applicable codes are met.
Included in the videotape is a review of rough structure frame prior to insulating the structure.
Structure Fasting to Trailer
Rough Framing
Window Insulation
Rough Plumbing
Roofing Sub straight
House Wrap
Heating Duct System
Ventilation System
Insulation we run a “Res Check” Report on each home depending on Region. All Homes are inspected and required to meet or exceed requirements.

All manufacturer specifications are installed per specifications and review for compliance.
Copy of specifications are supplied in the final packet along with video support of the insulation procedure used. All finishes are reviewed to comply with the final region for worst case scenario

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