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Piney Mountain Foster Care, Inc.


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Piney Mountain Foster Care is a small, all volunteer, non-profit kennel facility located on 4 acres of mountainside property in Edwina Tennessee. We got our start in 2012 by caring for dogs going through heartworm treatment. We still do this and other medical care. We also work with dogs with behavioral issues. But we are delighted to work with well-adjusted, healthy dogs who just need a break in life.
Our primary mission is to help rescue dogs from kill shelters. Many need health care. Most need training. That’s where we come in. We offer medical rehabilitation and behavioral modification in a tranquil setting.
When adoptable, we work with and through canine rescues locally and around the nation to find these dogs quality homes. See the Canine Rescue Partners page of our web site for details on them.
The secondary mission is to raise awareness and promote prevention of animal cruelty and to curb rampant companion animal over-population by promoting low cost spay-neuter programs.



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Scout was shot in the head, he's hear to learn to trust again.
Dawson Wigglestump was starved & needed some serious GROCERIES
Cheyan Cinnastreak was a sweet girls without a home.
Buddy Gold was an oldie Golden dumped with wounds infested with maggots.
Cochise was heartworm positive and abandoned.  He became our first Mentor Dog
Rebel was surrendered because of expensive health issues.
Martin, a black Golden was abandoned but became a really good boy!
Roscoe, a BIG pit abandoned, no hope, became the best friend and guardian of a 3 year old.